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how can I define a color palette from a character vector in plot()?

pal1 <- c('red', 'green', 'blue')
pal2 <- c('yellow', 'brown', 'orange')

mypal <- c('pal1', 'pal2')

for(i in mypal){
   plot(1:3, col=i, pch=20, cex=5)

I want to loop the same plot over a number of color palettes.

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Wrapping get around the i will do this... sorta. But you'll only see the final plot unless you put in some wait or write the plots out to disk.

for(i in mypal){
   plot(1:3, col=get(i), pch=20, cex=5)

or you can assign the values of pal1 and pal2 to your mypal as a list:

mypal <- list(pal1, pal2)
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Thank you! That`s exactly what I was looking for. – Tim Mar 25 '13 at 14:18

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