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I need to load an already enhanced Page into a div.

The Idea is to make a Homescreen for Apps in jQuery Mobile. For my Task, I get multiple Files (Apps) to load and save their State, like text inputs. The State is got saved in the localStorage and loaded after the App is restarted.

My Apps were stored in simple HTML format. Lets assume we have only a Element. For the first load, I trigger a create event, so my App looks like it should in JQM:

<jqm Enhancement>
</jqm Enhancement>

These enhanced version got stored. At this Point, the problem occurs. If i load the saved App (and enhanced) into the div (and want to bind the events on the Element), i had to fire a create event again, but my DOM got screwed. It looks like:

<jqm Enhancement>
  <jqm Enhancement>
  </jqm Enhancement>
</jqm Enhancement>


function openApp(appId){
    var path = "./Apps/" + appId + "/basic.html";

    //Check if App is already open
    if(localStorage.getItem(appId) != null){
        var data = localStorage.getItem(appId);

        $("#AppContent").html(data).trigger("create"); // <- Problem
    } else {
        //Load App from external
        $.get(path, function(data) {
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If you have stored already enhanced code, why are you using trigger('create')? – Gajotres Mar 25 '13 at 14:46
I want to gain the events for the plugin back. For Example. If I click on a restored, and already enhanced selectbox, the selectbox doesn´t show his items. I use trigger("create") to bind the "onclick", "onshow", "onhide" etc. events back to the element. I´m only saving the DOM, not the Javascript logic. – Schles Mar 25 '13 at 16:40

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