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Does anyone know of the correct way to develop unit tests for a CakePHP 2.3.1 application that utilises MySQL stored procedures?

I've looked on the cake site but the documentation on testing isn't huge. I've checked out SO and Google as well - can't seem to find mention of the problem/situation.

The unit testing is using fixtures, not a real database for the data.

Any help/pointers are really appreciated!


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Overload the Fixture’s create() method. Don’t forget to call parent’s create() and remove the final delimiter after the closing END in the create procedure statement.


public function create($db){
    // create stored procedures ...
    $db->execute("CREATE PROCEDURE … <insert SQL here> … END", array('log' => false));

The create() method can execute any statements you need after the fixture table is created.

I hope it will work

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Thanks, problem solved! –  JasonB Mar 26 '13 at 10:49
Some feedback, to complete the answer for others: Unless you want to leave the stored procedure behind after the tests (and cause a sql error second time around), also put a "drop procedure" statement in an overridden drop() method for the fixture. Note: your db user will need alter privs on the test database! J –  JasonB Mar 26 '13 at 11:31

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