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I'm using the Tessnet2 assembly (which uses Tesseract) to do OCR. Unfortunately the programm crashes without any exception after I call the init method:

tessnet2.Tesseract ocr = new tessnet2.Tesseract();
ocr.Init(@"D:\Test\Tessdata\german", "deu", false);

The german folder contains the following tesseract 2 word data:

  • deu.DangAmgigs
  • deu.freq-dawg
  • deu.inttemp
  • deu.normproto
  • deu.pffmtable
  • deu.unicharset
  • deu.user-words
  • deu.word-dawg

If I use null for the path it works fine because I installed tesseract on my machine. However I need a solution with the path because where the programm will be deplyoed it is not ensured that tesseract is installed.

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If you installed Tesseract, chance is that the installer could have set the TESSDATA_PREFIX variable to a path different from yours. The setting is kept in the Windows' Registry. So you may want to uninstall that version, clean the Registry, and try your program again. –  nguyenq Mar 25 '13 at 18:24
That was the problem. I just deleted the installed Tesseract and also deleted the environment variableTESSDATA_PREFIX and it worked. Thanks –  andreaspfr Mar 27 '13 at 9:26

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The problem is that if you have Tesseract installed there is an environment variable set ( TESSDATA_PREFIX )which contains the path of the tessdata. To use your own path it is necessary to uninstall Tesseract and delete the environment variable.

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Thanks, this helped. By the way just to confirm if I don't uninstall the Tesseract and/or do not delete the environment variable, rather just change it in my C# code to point towards my custom data path, will this effect on any of the environment that has already tesseract installed. Because I noticed that when I comment out my code that is changing the environment variable it shows me original environment variable value in the console again. –  KAL Mar 22 at 17:09
Try the path:
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