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I have already implemented user authentication via Ajax using AuthenticationEntryPoint and SimpleUrlAuthenticationSuccessHandler.

Now I need to get logged user name in to my script variable.

Can anyone please help me on this?


public class MyAuthenticationSuccessHandler extends SimpleUrlAuthenticationSuccessHandler {

    private Log log = LogFactory.getLog(MyAuthenticationSuccessHandler.class);

    public void onAuthenticationSuccess(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response,
            Authentication authentication) throws IOException, ServletException {

        log.info("point-2-->"+authentication.getName()); //this prints what I need.

        // This is actually not an error, but an OK message. It is sent to avoid redirects.


My JavaScript function

$("#login").on('click', function(e) {
        $.ajax({url: getHost() + "/j_spring_security_check",
            type: "POST",
            beforeSend: function(xhr) {
                xhr.withCredentials = true;
            data: $("#loginForm").serialize(),
            success: function(response, options) {
                    // We get a success from the server
                    //I need to get user name here
            error: function(result, options) {
                    // We get a failure from the server...
                $('#j_username').before('<div class="error">Login failed, please try again.</div>');


I have already attached all relevant files for different question. Please access the link below for check them.

Spring Security; custom-filter and user-service-ref not working together

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I found a solution.

Simply I made another Ajax call and there I captured logged user.

My JavaScript function

success: function(response, options) {
                    // We get a success from the server
                    //I need to get user name here

    $.post('/api/loggeduser', function(data) {

loggeduser Controller

@RequestMapping(value = "/api/loggeduser", method = RequestMethod.POST)
       public String printWelcome(ModelMap model, Principal principal ) {

        try {

            String name = null;

            if (principal!=null) {

           name = principal.getName();


                model.addAttribute("username", name);

    } catch (Exception e) {
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