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I've got a string, "foo (123) bar", and I want to retrieve all numbers surrounded by the delimiters "(" and ")".

If I use varname.match(/\([0-9]+\)/), my delimiters are included in the response, and I get "(123)" when what I really want is "123".

How can I retrieve only a portion of the matched string without following it up with varname.replace()?

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Yes, use capturing (non-escaped) parens:

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That's perfect, worked like a charm. Thank you! –  Luke Dennis Oct 1 '08 at 4:03
The '[1]' is the part the picks the first substring match. If it was '[0]' instead, it would return the entire match (e.g. '(123)') –  Steven Oxley Oct 1 '08 at 4:13

For a really good site on Regular Expressions try Regular-Expressions.info. There you will find tutorials, reference, examples, and more. This site has helped me more than once.

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