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Hi I am currently setting up a dashboard on Splunk and I need to use a case statement to label some of the other fields. Here is some sample data:

Case            speed   strength  weight  height
Person 1           100    130     70      50
Person 2           120    100     80      55
Person 3           150    150     80      60
Person 4           70     90      70      65
Person 5           60     30      90      70
Person 6           20     100     100     75

My query runs a case statement when name = person1 else if name = person2 etc. But I need my output to use that persons name to populate the other fields, the output is currently:

Wed Mar 20 14:00:01 GMT 2013 Case="Person1"speed="100"strength="130"weight="70"height="50" Case="Person2"speed="120"strength="100"weight="80"height="55" etc

for each person I need to the output to say:

Wed Mar 20 14:00:01 GMT 2013 Case="Person1"person1speed="100"person1strength="130"person1weight="70"person1height="50" Case="Person2"Person2speed="120"Person2strength="100"Person2weight="80"Person2height="55"

Not sure that makes sense but depending on the output of the case statement it needs to label all the the other fields relating to that case particular case in the case statement?

Any help would be appreciated


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errr... how many columns do you have? Are you expecting to be able to get different lists of columns depending on the number of persons returned? Could you give us an sample result dataset, like you did for your starting data? –  Clockwork-Muse Mar 25 '13 at 16:33
My sql is like the following: select 'Case="'||(CASE when name = person1 then 'Person 1' when name = person2 then 'Person 2' when name = person1 then 'Person 3' when name = person1 then 'Person 4' when name = person1 then 'Person 5' when name = person1 then 'Person 6' else 'Noname' END)|| '"Speed="'||trunc(avg(speed))|| '"Strength="'||trunc(avg(strength))|| '"weight="'||trunc(avg(weight))|| '"Height="'||trunc(avg(Height))|| from people –  Steven Wilson Mar 25 '13 at 16:51
The final piece of SQL is group by (CASE when name = person1 then 'Person 1' when name= person2 then 'Person 2' when name= person1 then 'Person 3' when name= person1 then 'Person 4' when name= person1 then 'Person 5' when name= person1 then 'Person 6' else 'Noname' END) –  Steven Wilson Mar 25 '13 at 16:54
.... Please, update your question with that information, don't put it in a comment. And what I was asking for was, given your sample dataset, what do you want your statement results to look like? –  Clockwork-Muse Mar 25 '13 at 17:33
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