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I'm trying to replace html using innerHTML javascript.




<a href="">Helloworld</a>

This's my code

<p id="element1">aaaaaa/cat/bbbbbb</p>

<script language="javascript">
var strMessage1 = document.getElementById("element1") ;
strMessage1.innerHTML = strMessage1.innerHTML.replace( /aaaaaa./g,'<a href=\"') ;
strMessage1.innerHTML = strMessage1.innerHTML.replace( /.bbbbbb/g,'/world\">Helloworld</a>') ;

When i run this code it disappears Helloworld hyperlink. what I'm doing wrong. Please help.

Thank you for all your help.

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You should chain the replace() together instead of assigning the result and replacing again.

var strMessage1 = document.getElementById("element1") ;
strMessage1.innerHTML = strMessage1.innerHTML
                        .replace(/aaaaaa./g,'<a href=\"')


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You are replacing the starting tag and then putting that back in innerHTML, so the code will be invalid. Make all the replacements before you put the code back in the element:

var html = strMessage1.innerHTML;
html = html.replace( /aaaaaa./g,'<a href=\"');
html = html.replace( /.bbbbbb/g,'/world\">Helloworld</a>');
strMessage1.innerHTML = html;
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