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tl;dr version: I need this sql statement to work with linq to EF

This is the query in SQL:

rtrim(stu.StuNum) as StudentNumber, 
when (systa.category = 'E') then 'Enrolled'  
    when (systa.category = 'A') then 'Active'  
    else 'This should never happen'
end as StatusCategory,
rtrim(schsta.Code) as SchoolStatusCode,
case when (stu.DateLstMod > isnull(pic.DateLstMod,'1900-1-1')) 
then stu.DateLstMod 
    else pic.DateLstMod 
end as DateLstMod
SyStudent stu
inner join syschoolstatus schsta on schsta.syschoolstatusid = stu.syschoolstatusid
inner join SyStatus systa on systa.SyStatusId = schsta.SyStatusId
left outer join cmstudentpicture pic on pic.systudentid = stu.systudentid
where stu.sycampusid = 6
and systa.category in ('E','A')

ugly query, inherited from old systems..

I am trying to get some of the services we have to utilize entity framework. I am trying to get this query to work using the method based syntax. I first get a list of all the objects I am going to be joining to:

var students = ctx.syStudents.ToList(); //root
var statusCode = ctx.SySchoolStatus.ToList(); //inner
var status = ctx.syStatus.ToList(); //inner
var picture = ctx.CmStudentPictures.ToList(); //left outer

'ctx' is my dbcontext class.

The query I have so far is this:

var query = students
   student => student.SySchoolStatusID,
   statuscode => statuscode.SySchoolStatusID,
   (student, studentStatusCode) => new
      StudentName = student.FirstName

obviously not fully implemented, but I am trying to get an idea if this is the best way to perform this, since I will have a couple of inner joins, and then a left outer join as well, or is there a better, more readable way to get this done?

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I would definitely recommend the query syntax over the lambda syntax for joins.

Try something along these lines:

var result = 
from stu in SyStudent
join schsta in syschoolstatus on stu.syschoolstatusid equals schsta.syschoolstatusid //inner
join systa in SyStatus on schsta.SyStatusId equals systa.SyStatusId //innner
from pic in cmstudentpicture.Where(x => x.systudentid = stu.systudentid).DefaultIfEmpty() //outer 
where stu.sycampusid = 6
select new{
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This looks good! pretty readable. Can't test it until I get a few more components in the app together, but thanks for the quick answer. –  davidisawesome Mar 25 '13 at 15:46

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