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I currently have Delphi 2007 and Delphi XE installed on my laptop. The pop-up code insight tooltip view is limited in the XE installation. I seem to remember that this is in the editor options somewhere, but can't find it.

Can somebody please tell me where I turn on the extended tooltip view?

See image attached - D2007 on top , DXE below enter image description here

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Yes, in Delphi 2009 it is called 'Tooltip Help Insight', and is found at

Editor Options / Code Insight / Automatic features:


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Ok , thanks. Unfortunatly this is already selected, and it's not working. Looks like a bug or a conflict with something else I have installed. Cheers. –  HMcG Mar 25 '13 at 15:54

Andreas answered my question correctly, however this did not solve my problem. Help insight worked correctly when triggered by Ctrl-Shift-H , but not on mouse hover, even though the Tooltip Help Insight was ticked. Re-booting etc did not help, however reinstalling XE Update 1 fixed the problem.

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