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Using the new Highcharts 3 boxplot series type, in Firefox, there are some significant issues with the line rendering.

The issue is visible on the Highcharts demo page:

chart: {
     type: 'boxplot'

Issues appear to be

1) median line is drawn beyond the containing box by a few pixels

2) whisker lines are drawn into the box by a few pixels, especially on the lower end

3) whisker lines extend beyond end lines by a few pixels occasionally, especially on the lower end

The question(s):

1) is this a known issue?

2) is there a solution?

So far I do not see this issue in Chrome.

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Indeed it looks like a bug, so I've reported it to our devs here:

Thanks you for suggestion

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thanks for your fast response – jlbriggs Mar 26 '13 at 14:43

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