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this is my code:

//Build the query
        //match only records in cluster 1
        DBObject match = new BasicDBObject("$match", new BasicDBObject("clusterId",_id));
        //the projected result must be : clusterId, squeezePlay, weakShowdown, playsWithFriends
        DBObject projectFields = new BasicDBObject("clusterId",1);
        projectFields.put("squeezePlay", 1);
        projectFields.put("weakShowdown", 1);
        projectFields.put("playsWithFriends", 1);
        DBObject project = new BasicDBObject("$project", projectFields);        
        //the groupfields are the average of each category grouped by clusterId
        DBObject groupFields = new BasicDBObject("_id",new BasicDBObject("clusterId","$clusterId"));
        groupFields.put("squeezePlay", new BasicDBObject("$avg","$squeezePlay"));
        groupFields.put("weakShowdown", new BasicDBObject("$avg","$weakShowdown"));
        groupFields.put("playsWithFriends", new BasicDBObject("$avg","$playsWithFriends"));
        DBObject group = new BasicDBObject("$group", groupFields);

        AggregationOutput output = coll.aggregate( match, project, group);

The players in the database are the following:

        Player p1 = new Player();
        p1.SetId("Player 1");

        Player p2 = new Player();
        p2.SetId("Player 2");

The output whould be: (17.0, 18.0, 19.0) but instead I get: "Averages are: 23.0 22.0 24.0"which is more like a Max to me (or maybe just the result from Player 1)... I don't know.

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Typo error:

You should say p2.setClusterId(1) after instantiating player p2

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oh thank you I got it –  nuvio Mar 25 '13 at 15:58

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