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How to parse with rapidjson from std::string ? I am trying like (json string is valid, I checked on jsonlint.com)

Document document;
char * writable = new char[contentString.size() + 1];
std::copy(contentString.begin(), contentString.end(), writable);
writable[contentString.size()] = '\0'; // don't forget the terminating 0
if (document.Parse<0>(writable).HasParseError())
    return 1;

contentString is my json std::string, but when I start I always get error ( return 1). I tried also without size()+1 and '\0' but nothing (desperate measure programming). Can anyone help me ?

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Have you tried

if (document.Parse<0>(contentString.c_str()).HasParseError())
    return 1;


Because, from the documentation, I fail to see why you want anything "writable"...

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I have tried that way at first, but error. Then I have started to change –  Damir Mar 25 '13 at 16:11
In that case, please always post the obvious code, not the complicated version. And show us the contentString, please. –  Daniel Frey Mar 25 '13 at 16:12

Seems to me there is an error with the string you send json, You are using it correctly, I suggest you try sending it:

const char json[] = "{ \"hello\" : \"world\" }";

And see if it works, if so obviously it's a buffer problem.. you can continue from there I am sure

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if contentString is std::string, just try


if contentString is char *, just try


and you'd better post your original code snippet

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Try this for parse std:: string

std::string str = "{ \"hello\" : \"world\" }";
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