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I need to deploy a static website to a host that allows ssh access and python scripts (via CGI). So far I used local generated html content with the help of mustache. So far so good. Now different people (with much less aptitude for command-line stuff) need to update the static pages. So I stuffed all .mustache files onto the server for shared access.

The challenge: I need to write a small Python CGI program that when started runs a mustache conversion to regenerate the static pages. It doesn't need to output anything fancy to the browser (some "Doing,filenames, done" would be enough).

So it needs to:

  • be called from an URL
  • Process all .mustache files and their headers to html

Basically convert this bash script into URL callable python:

# Processes mustache templates into html files
echo "Commencing conversion"
for f in *.mustache
   echo "Processing - $curfile"
   cat parameters.yml $f | mustache > $curfile.html
echo "Finished, check the results!"

How do I do that (Yes I admit: my Python skills are worse than my Mandarin)? Just to be clear: I don't want to generate the pages when they are read or use a Python web framework, just automate the generation of the html

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why not just run the bash script as CGI? – MattDMo Mar 25 '13 at 16:23
@MattDMo thx for stopping by. I would love to, but the hosting is hardwired only to run python scripts, no bash access (I didn't pick it) – stwissel Mar 26 '13 at 3:49

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