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in the following call function onSelectEvent: is responsible for handling & switching the option. i'm trying to get the option value through this variable but this variable in call function freezes the options of select menu.

    var selectEvent = function($el){
        $(".selectmenu").change(function() {
            var selectedValue = $("select.selectmenu").val(); 
            alert('Selected event' + selectEvent);
        preset: 'dropdown',
        numVisibleOptions: 4,
        scrollInterval: 150, 
        scrollOn: 'hover',
        listWidth: 160,
        onSelectEvent: selectEvent  

the code may be wrong but how can i write similar syntax correctly.



Plugin Urls:




<div id = "translate">
     <select onchange="Translate(this)" name="select" id="translator" class="selectmenu" >
     <option value="Select Language">Select Language</option>
     <option value="en|af">Afrikaans</option>
     <option value="en|sq">Albanian</option>
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Try this:

var selectEvent = function($el){
     var selectedValue = $el.html(); 
     alert(selectedValue);return false;

Or if you want the change event then try

var selectEvent = function($el){
    $el.change(function() {
        var selectedValue = $(this).html(); 
        alert('Selected value' + selectedValue);// I think its value not event
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unfortunately 1st block of code can't extract the value. it alerts blank popup. 2nd block of code makes the options non clickable.thanks, –  Silent Pond Mar 25 '13 at 16:47
First check whether you get the element or not by console.log($el); and change val() to html(). Check the above answer I have changed it. –  Rohan Kumar Mar 26 '13 at 4:26
first block of code returns option text Afrikaans but not the actual option value en|af. i've edited my question. the plugin links are included in my edited question. –  Silent Pond Mar 26 '13 at 10:51
What you get by console.log($el);? –  Rohan Kumar Mar 26 '13 at 11:02
i implemented your code at silentpond.eu5.org/ScrollectBoxDemo/ScrollectBoxDemo/… you can inspect the result there. what exactly you want to know about console.log($el);? if necessary i can provide you my ftp details. –  Silent Pond Mar 26 '13 at 14:53

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