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I am having problem creating css media queries for smartphones, especially for Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3.

It seems like <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" /> and CSS media query gets different data on device-width.

If I hold my Galaxy S3 in portrait mode its screen is 720 x 1280, and it seems like content="width=device-width from meta viewport is giving me the same width.

But if I look at same page in landscape mode it seems like content="width=device-width from meta viewport is still giving me 720 width while listening to a bigger sized media query, so to speak 1280.

This results in web pages loading with a somewhat zoomed view, probably since it thinks that 720 is max width.

Check screens:

Galaxy S3 Portrait (Chrome)

Galaxy S3 Portrait

Galaxy S3 Landscape (Chrome)

Galaxy S3 Landscape

Above was tested on Samsung Galaxy S3 with Chrome browser.

I have a similar problem, actually worse with the default Android browser called "Internet". There it seems to ignore all CSS media queries while still listening to viewport.

Check screen:

Galaxy S3 Portrait (Default)

Default Android browser

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Have you tried checking out dpi.lv on the phone to see what dpi and width the viewport is pushing through? –  justinavery Jul 1 '13 at 22:48

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Try using a inspector in the phone to play around with values and tags or post us a demo. It's hard to point out the exact problem without any code attached to your question.

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