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So I'll have a line in a python file like:

combos = [(1,2,3), (4,5,6)] and the 1 and four will not be highlighted as numbers. This happens with multiple color schemes. I'm wondering how I can fix this.

vimrc at http://pastebin.com/zgmijN9w

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Source this function:

function! SynStack()
  if !exists("*synstack")
  echo map(synstack(line('.'), col('.')), 'synIDattr(v:val, "name")')

and do :call Synstack() with the cursor over a number. You are supposed to get pythonNumber for all six numbers.

The following command should show you that the highlight group pythonNumber is linked to Number and where it's done. Presumably in your Python syntax file.

:verbose hi pythonNumber

If the 6 numbers belong to different highlight groups you should fix your syntax file and/or customize your colorscheme.

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