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I created a WCF self hosted web service. Here are my serviceContract and OperationContract in Instace class:

public interface ISwiperWS

[OperationContract, WebInvoke(Method = "GET", UriTemplate = "/getstatus?callback={Callback}", ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)]
String getStatus(String Callback);


public String getStatus()
  return "true"

I am accessing the endpoint of this web service from JsonP written in GWT

String url = "https://somedomain.com:8083/getstatus";
JsonpRequestBuilder jsonp = new JsonpRequestBuilder();

I create a setup project and installed it on different-different machine. Whenever i am making a request to web service endpoints from JsonP It is showing an strange behavior. In some machine i am getting an expected response where as in some other machine it continuously showing an error i.e. 405-method are not allowed.

I searched it for and make change according to them but nothing works for me. Please suggest me a solutoin

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May be: I believe it had something to do with your jquery ajax call using jsonp. If you are going to change it to just json the post will work..

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