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Given that I have an external file that will control which specs are being ran.

test_id|description|file_path           |run
1      |Test 1     |./spec/test1_spec.rb|yes
2      |Test 2     |./spec/test2_spec.rb|no

I have a method that reads the file and returns an array of file_paths.

I want to use that array of files to run the spec, it can be through rake or command line.

Is this even possible?

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It is possible. You could simply write a custom rake task that would contains the code that read your file. You can then call the RSpec Rake task for each of the file (RSpec::Core::RakeTask), something like this (for the structure, this is untested code !) :

require 'rake/testtask'

namespace :test do
  task :spec do
    test_files = ...
    test_files.each do |test_file| do |task|
        task.rspec_opts = test_file

You also have an example there : how to write a custom rake task for RSpec?

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Thanks for the answer, I understand what you explained, but is not working yet. – Vinchbr Mar 25 '13 at 18:50

Found on another place on stackoverflow: Whats is the replacement for spec_files in RSpec::Core::RakeTask ? Does pattern accept array of files?

So it accepts an Array of files, I was using FileList to pass the files and was only running the last spec.

Thanks for the input Martin

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