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the client wants to change the url pattern to access the webproject , when i add a <warname>newname</warname> in maven-war-plugin , my newname.war is generated but i lose the jboss hotdeploy capabilities .

eventhough i'm not quitte sure , but i think jboss uses the default project name to generate a war en explode it for hotdeploy .

can you advice me a solution to change the url of the project to newname/page.xhtml istead of oldName/page.xhtml .

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If it is just a matter of changing the WAR context, just add a jboss-web.xml file inside your WAR /WEB-INF/ directory, with such contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>          

Doing this for other app servers would require the use of other files of course.

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