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In IIS 7, I would click on "worker process" then "View Current Request" to see all the requests currently being executed.


In IIS 8, I do not see this option. Is there something I need to set up on IIS 8?

Edit: I tried running inetmgr as administrator as well.

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There wasn't any UI hints, but was able to turn it on as a feature under server manager.

Server Manager -> Add Roles.

  • Web Server (IIS)
    • Web Server
      • Health and Diagnostics
        • Request Monitor
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That was still hard to find. Here's a screenshot: i.imgur.com/sB2y9Wd.png Now how do I get to it once installed? –  Mark Jan 23 at 0:38
Thanks Mark, I should have done that. –  BillRob Jan 24 at 19:07

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