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I am trying to scrape some data. B is the number of pages required for 1000 items to be scraped - there are 22 per page.

usernum = 1000
b = usernum.to_i/22 {|b| b+1}

I have an array for the number of pages (1000/22 = 45 int.) - [1,2,...44,45] I need to scrape, with each array element pertaining to a page to be downloaded by Nokogiri. I wasn't sure how to proceed.

etc. in this case it would need to reach ""

Is it possible to append the prefix to each item of the array? If so, does it make sense to format the array and download each page chronologically, or compile a list of the URLs in an external text file and load them into a method? I'm going to try and add threading.

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Could you loop through instead of creating an array?

(1..b).each do |page|
  url = "{i}"
  # .. fetch the page
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Silly me... That's the way to do it! But if I'm going to multithread the scraping, do I not need to put the completed (prefix + numbered) URLs into an array? – user2208607 Mar 25 '13 at 18:14
You can create a thread within the each loop if you want a thread for each request. If you want fewer threads you might want to look at each_slice. – ramblex Mar 25 '13 at 18:22

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