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I have trouble with this code in cakephp for a sql query

Here my code in RankingsController.php

class RankingsController extends AppController {
    public $helpers = array('Html', 'Form', 'Session');
    public $components = array('Session');

    public function index() {

    $this->Ranking->virtualFields += array(
    'totalpoints' => 0);    

    $rankings = $this->Ranking->query("
    select turnierranks.teilnehmer_id as teilnehmer_id, 
    teilnehmers.nachname, teilnehmers.vorname,
    sum(pointtab.points) as totalpoints
    from turnierranks, pointtab, turniers, teilnehmers 
    turnierranks.turnier_id = and
    turniers.turnierkategorie = pointtab.kategorie and
    turnierranks.rank     = pointtab.rank and = teilnehmer_id
    group by teilnehmer_id, teilnehmers.nachname, teilnehmers.nachname
    order by totalpoints desc");



debug (rankings$) show the right querydata

but in views/Rankings/index.cpt i get the error

Undefined variable: rankings [APP/View/Rankings/index.ctp, line 12] and the same error for the next line

 LINE 12: <?php   debug($rankings); ?>

<?php foreach ($rankings as $ranking): ?>

in Model ranking.php

class Ranking extends AppModel {
 public $useTable = false; 

whats is wrong with the $rankings variable array?

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To pass a variable from your controller to the View, you need to set a viewVar;

In your example:

$rankings = ..........

$this->set('rankings', $rankings);

The first parameter is the name of the viewVar to create/set, for example:

$this->set('FooBar', $rankings);

Would create a viewVar 'FooBar' containing the content of $rankings that will be available inside your View via a variable $FooBar

See this chapter in the documentation Interacting with Views

Custom queries / raw SQL

This is not part of your question, however, you seem to be writing your own SQL statements to retrieve your data. Not only does this allow potential SQL vulnerabilities in your code, you also skip most functionality of the CakePHP Models.

Using CakePHP models the 'right' way, will reduce the amount of code required, and will properly protect you agains SQL injections etc.

Please read the chapter on Models in the documentation;

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thank you, it works - I work only for 2 days with cakephp and I must say it is A lovely work frame. I have previously in assembler (8080) dBase, Clipper, C, sybase PowerBuilder, and programmed coldfusion – Gerhard Hegedüs Mar 25 '13 at 20:49
If this is a new project and you are able to change the database schema, it's well worth the time to name your tables and fields according to the CakePHP conventions. When following the conventions, CakePHP will automatically 'discover' the right columns to use for building relations between database tables. This will save you a lot of headaches and configuration/settings – thaJeztah Mar 25 '13 at 20:54
On a side note; Controllers will automatically 'inherit' Helpers and Components that are set in the AppController, so you don't have to configure them in each controller, just specify Components that are not set in the AppController. Since CakePHP 2.3, most Helpers don't have to be specified at all, CakePHP uses AutoLoading to load them if required, a real time saver. I hope my information was useful. Please mark your question 'answered' by accepting my answer. – thaJeztah Mar 25 '13 at 20:59
im am new here, where i can mark answered? thanks – Gerhard Hegedüs Mar 25 '13 at 21:21
It's explained in the faq here: – thaJeztah Mar 25 '13 at 21:23

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