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I'm trying to write/read a class object from/to a file.
I'm new to D and I just want to play a little bit around with it.

Is there a Class/Function to write/read an object to/from a file?
I'm looking for something similar to the ObjectOutputStream сlass in Java.

Or do I have to serialize (concatenate) the object's variables as strings in the file?

I have a Movie class and a MovieManager class, which contains a dynamic movie-array.

A Movie object contains just a few strings and integer values.

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Forum thread about object serialization: – sigod Mar 25 '13 at 21:24
Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for. Shame on me, that I don't found it myself.. – lush Mar 25 '13 at 21:37
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Extending answer, provided in comment, it is worth explicitly stating, that D does not provide "one true way" of reading/writing objects to/from files, as there can't be a single optimal one. Different considerations about speed, resulting file format, handling references and similar corner cases may results in different serialization strategies.

That being said, most likely proper serialization library is needed, and, by lucky chance, one of most mature D solutions ("Orange" by Jacob Carlborg is being reviewed right now as a candidate for inclusion into standard library as a std.serialization: newsgroup thread. It may be your best bet.

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The library Unmanaged provides a serialization system. You also have Orange which is less restrictive, as Unmanaged serialization only works if the object to serialize is an ancestor of one of the framework base class.But...Unmanaged works on the "accessor" principle. The data serialized are get via a method and the data deserialized are set via a method, which allows to update some stuffs when the deserializer recall for example...

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