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Ok, I'm unsure if my return line will end the for() loop or just the if() question?


for(;;) {
  if(something) {
    tokens = strTok(something, " ")
    if(tokens.size < 2)

I'm guessing that it'll just return from the if(something) question but I just want to be sure...

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Why don't try by yourself and see what happens? –  Abel Morelos Oct 13 '09 at 19:28
I assume you're thinking of break, not return. See sepp2k's answer. –  Dan Olson Oct 13 '09 at 19:30
Among other things, when asking a questions, it is always worth specifying what language it is for (this looks like C or C++, but it could just as well be Java or C# or JavaScript or any of the other several dozen curly braces family languages). Use tags for this. –  Pavel Minaev Oct 13 '09 at 19:33

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In C-like languages, return exits the entire function. break will exit the innermost loop (for do...while or while)

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In all languages I know (except haskell) return will return from enclosing function/method, while break would "return" from the loop.

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In XQuery and XPath 2.0, return is FLWOR keyword which is exactly equivalent to C# LINQ select - i.e. what you write as from x in xs select x in C#, you'd write as for $x in $xs return $x in XQuery. –  Pavel Minaev Oct 13 '09 at 19:35

return in most languages will end the entire method.

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This may depend on the particular language but for all the languages I can think of return will return from the current function. FOR() and IF() structures don't usually have return statements.

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RETURN is, for all languages I know, "Stop doing what you're doing and exit this function completely". From your description you apparently don't want RETURN, you want an BREAK or CONTINUE, depending on the language you're using.

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This is presumably all inside a function or method; RETURN will exit that function/method.

To give an example of a more procedural setting, in a PHP file a RETURN that isn't in a function will exit the current script file. (Again, it won't matter if it's inside other blocks.)

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