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I am sending post request in the body of some json data, to process on server and I want the results back to client(c++ app on phone) in the form of json data and hence parse on mobile. I have the following code inside handler:

class ServerHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
    def post(self):
        data = tornado.escape.json_decode(self.request.body)
        id = data.get('id',None)
        #process data from db (take a while) and pack in result which is dictinary
        result = process_data(id)# returns dictionary from db= takes time
        print 'END OF HANDLER'
        print json.dumps(result)

        #before this code below I have tried also
        #return result
        #return self.write(result)
        #return self.write(json.dumps(result)) 
        #return json.dumps(result)
        self.set_header('Content-Type', 'application/json')
        json_ = tornado.escape.json_encode(result)
        #return json.dumps(result)

I always get printed 'END OF HANDLER' and valid dictinary/json below on console but when I read at client mobile I always get

<html><title>405: Method Not Allowed</title><body>405: Method Not Allowed</body></html>

Does anyone have any idea what is the bug ?
(I am using CIwGameHttpRequest for sending request and it works when file is static =>name.json but now same content is giving error in post request. )

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Try to use CIwHTTP instead of CIwGameHttpRequest. If it also doesn't work then you're calling the wrong method. – noob Mar 26 '13 at 20:45
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The error (HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed) means that you have made a request to a valid URL, but you are using an HTTP verb (e.g. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) that cannot be used with that URL.

Your web service code appears to handle the POST verb, as evidenced by the post method name, and also by the fact that incoming requests appear to have a request body. You haven't shown us your C++ client code, so all I can do is to speculate that it is making a GET request. Does your C++ code call Request->setPOST();? (I haven't worked with CIwGameHttpRequest before, but Googling for it I found this page from which I took that line of code.)

I've not worked with Tornado before, but I imagine that there is some mechanism somewhere that allows you to connect a URL to a RequestHandler. Given that you have a 405 Method Not Allowed error rather than 404 Not Found, it seems that however this is done you've done it correctly. You issue a GET request to Tornado for the URL, it determines that it should call your handler, and only when it tries to use your handler it realises that it can't handle GET requests, concludes that your handler (and hence its URL) doesn't support GETs and returns a 405 error.

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