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We have a rule in TFS that requires all checkins to be associated with a work item. We have an automated daily build process that uses tf.exe to check in the files. However, I did not find any way to associate files with a work item. I heard of tfpt, and have it installed, however, I did not have any success using it to associate files with a changeset either. Is there another way to do this?


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I'm pretty sure tf.exe / tfpt.exe cannot do this except through their UI. If you need to use the -noprompt parameter for automation then you're likely out of luck.

Luckily, it's not hard to use the API directly. MSDN link. Basically just build up an array of WorkItemCheckinInfo[] and pass it along with your request.

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Team Foundation Power Tools has a command for dealing with work items.

tfpt.exe help workitem
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This is only for creating, updating workitems. Not for associating workitems to a checkin. –  Ralph Jansen Aug 5 at 13:58

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