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I have two models, fixtures and predictions. Fixtures have many predictions.

I would like to have a user fill in a form to predict the scores. The fixture model has all the fixtures pre populated so i would like to use them in the predictions form so that i can create a new prediction record only

How do i grab the data from another model and use it in a form.My fixture model has


So in a form i would like to have

Home_team VS Away Team    Enter Home Score   Enter Away Score

Something to that effect, what I would like to know is how to access the data from the fixture model and present it in a form

Would i use collection_select here? though i need to list each fixture individually so I guess that would not work?

Any Help Appreciated


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I'm not sure I quite follow you, but this may be of help.

The collection_select that you have mentioned works like this:

collection_select "model_from_where_you_get_data", "id_of_collection", "SQL_query", "value_of_the_field", "names_of_the_fields_which_are_displayed_to_user", "options{}" (no quotes)

so, for example:

collection_select :fixtures, :home_team,, :home_team, :home_team, prompt: true

You can simplify this by using fields_for (which btw is what you can use for accessing data via association or adding fields if you need to save some data to that association)

<%= form_for @prediction do |f| %>
  <%= f.fields_for :fixture do |ff| %>
     <%= ff.collection_select :home_team,, :home_team, :home_team, prompt: true %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

I may have made a mess with the pluralization, but shouldn't be a problem if that's what you want.

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just what i wanted, thanks – Richlewis Mar 27 '13 at 16:38

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