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Receiving an error Call to possibly undefined method getStartButton through a reference of static type class This is also happening for getQuitButton

I'm still lost on how to utilize classes as I'm new to OOP. Can someone please help me to understand what I'm doing incorrectly?

Here the function in my main class:

function getStartMenu():void {
    var bFormat:TextFormat, bStart:Sprite, bQuit:Sprite;

    bStart = StartMenu.getStartButton();
    bQuit = StartMenu.getQuitButton();

    bStart.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, bStartPress);
    bQuit.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, bQuitPress);

in my external class file

    import flash.display.*;
    import flash.text.TextField;
    import flash.text.TextFormat;

    public class StartMenu extends Sprite

        public function StartMenu():void


        public function getStartButton():Sprite {
            var bFormat:TextFormat, bStart:Sprite, bStartText:TextField;
            bFormat = getFormat();
            bStart = getMenuButton(uint("0X00FF00"));
            bStart.x = stage.stageWidth / 2 - bStart.width - 100;
            bStart.y = stage.stageHeight - bStart.height - 100;
            bStartText = getTextButton(bFormat, "Start");
            bStartText.defaultTextFormat = bFormat;
            return bStart;

        public function getQuitButton():Sprite {
            var bFormat:TextFormat, bQuit:Sprite, bQuitText:TextField
            bFormat = getFormat();
            bQuit = getMenuButton(uint("0X0000FF"));
            bQuit.x = stage.stageWidth / 2 + 100;
            bQuit.y = stage.stageHeight - bQuit.height - 100;
            bQuitText = getTextButton(bFormat, "Quit");
            bQuitText.defaultTextFormat = bFormat;
            return bQuit;

        public function getFormat():TextFormat {
            var bFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat()
            bFormat.font = "Arial";
            bFormat.bold = true;
            bFormat.color = 0x000000;
            bFormat.size = 28;
            bFormat.align = "center";
            return bFormat;

        public function getMenuButton(bColor:uint):Sprite {
            var bButton:Sprite = new Sprite();
  , 1);
  , 0, 100, 50);
            bButton.buttonMode = true;
            bButton.mouseChildren = false;
            return bButton

        public function getTextButton(bFormat:TextFormat, sText:String):TextField {
            var bText:TextField = new TextField()
            bText.defaultTextFormat = bFormat
            bText.text = sText;
            bText.x = -4;
            bText.y = 4;
            return bText;
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StartMenu.getStartButton(); is how you would call a static method, since getStartButton isn't static you are getting this error.

You can turn getStartButton to be a static method by changing it to :

public static function getStartButton():Sprite

Or you can create an instance of the StartMenu class and call it's instance methods.

var startMenu:StartMenu = new StartMenu();
var bStart:Sprite = startMenu.getStartButton();
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+1 what's the difference between setting the function as public static vs creating an instance of the class and then calling the function? – Mechaflash Mar 25 '13 at 21:46
If a function is static you don't need to create an instance of that class to use it's methods, instead you just use the class name to call it as in StartMenu.getStartButton. Static methods are usually used with classes that don't hold internal state. For example the Math class in AS3 all its methods are static. – Barış Uşaklı Mar 25 '13 at 21:51
Are there any pros/cons to creating the instance first vs setting the function as public static? I suppose I don't see the advantage within my narrow scope of understanding of OOP – Mechaflash Mar 25 '13 at 21:54
Not really but sometimes you have to create instances of classes to use them. For example you have to create sprites to be able to add them to the stage. var sp:Sprite = new Sprite(); There is no other way to do this. But if you are making a class that is like the Math class in AS3 you can make all of its members static. Here is some more reading :… Not that I am not really a fan of global access and singletons. But it makes sense for stuff like the Math class – Barış Uşaklı Mar 25 '13 at 21:59
I'd like to add that from my external class, I had to remove the references of stage and adding the textfield object to their respective sprites via addChild(), and also setting the sprite objects to the stage from the main class. Now alls works. – Mechaflash Mar 26 '13 at 17:33

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