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I'm trying to figure out what's the proper way to have a jpa query with ancestor on GAE.

There are two class: book and publisher; Book has one publisher but publisher has multiple books.

here is the one without ancesor:

Query query = mgr.createQuery("select from Book as Book"); 
execute = (List<Book>) query.getResultList();

How can I do the correct query with publisher as the ancestor in the query? Thanks.

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You first have to get the Publisher's Key. You can use a key-based query or if you have the Publisher's ID you can just do:

Key key = KeyFactory.createKey(Publisher.class.getSimpleName(), publisherId);

Once you have the Key, you can do:


EDIT: I didn't realise this is the way to do it in JDO. Not sure in JPA but I think it's similar...

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Thanks. But query.setAncestor(key) doesn't work in JPA... – Vincent Zhou Mar 26 '13 at 12:58

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