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i'm using linq to sql in .Net 2010 project, i'm preparing the data in a list to load the data in the rpt file.

the parent table (passport):

ID   name   passport_number

1    Donnie 123456

2    Monica 789797

3    John   587123

The child table (passport_addons):

ID     parent_id   addon_name

1      2           Bob

2      2           Beverly

I want the rpt file to show the list of all the passport, and the passport_addons records below them if exists, for example:


1       Donnie   123456

2       Monica   789797



3       John     587123

is that possible? and if it's possible, how to achieve it using linq to sql?

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I don't know about linq to SQL, but it is possible using Crystal connecting to SQL using ODBC/OLEDB, etc. To do that: Add the two tables with a left outer join from passport to passport_addons on passport.id = passport_addons.parent_id. Put the addons information in the detail band and then insert a group on passport.id. Optionally, conditionally suppress the details when parent_id is null. –  EvilBob22 Mar 27 '13 at 21:29
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Because there are limited number of addons on the passport, maximum is 5.

I've added 10 columns to the passport table like this: addon_1 addon_1_birthday addon_2 addon_2_birthday addon_3 addon_3_birthday addon_4 addon_4_birthday addon_5 addon_5_birthday

May be it's not the best solution, but it has satisfied the requirement, by using only 1 table for the Crystal Report.

And I hope that could help other people having same issue.

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