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I'm developing with Play 2.1.1-RC1 in ~run mode.

Is there a way to avoid checking of all the dependencies each time I update my classes?

For example excluding org.hibernate.javax.persistence, be.objectify.deadbolt-core and others would cut compilation time from 14 to 3 secs for me.


I've found that it's possible to add "offline := true" to Build.scala and plugins.sbt. With this option it stops resolving from remote repos, but still it takes around 10 secons to resolve from local one. I'm looking for a way to disable resolving completely. My goal is to minimize compilation time as much as possible.

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Use run instead of ~run.

Check out the play console instructions: http://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.0/PlayConsole

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run works the same way as ~run for me. It does not trigger compilation on file change but still compiles with resolving from all the repos. Should it act differently? –  cosmolev Mar 27 '13 at 7:54

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