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- (void) reduce{
    int u = numerator;
    int v = denominator;
    int temp;

    while (v != 0) {
        temp = u % v;
        u = v;
        v = temp;

    numerator /= u;
    denominator /= u;


I am currently starting to learn objective c and was just wondering what this bit of the code actually does?

numerator /= u;
denominator /= u;

Thank you for any help!

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its a shortcut for numerator=numerator/u; – chuthan20 Mar 25 '13 at 22:40
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a /= b is the same thing as a = a / b. It's just shorthand notation, just like +=, &=, and so on.

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It's a shorthand operator for divide then assign.

The long version is :

numerator = numerator  / u;

Other similar operators are +=, *=, -=, etc.

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Its a short form of

numerator = numerator / u;
denominator = denominator / u;
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It like int a += 1, but divide instead of plus. :)

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