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As an added fraud control I would like to set different order statuses based off of certain order details after a customer places an order.

Something like:

if($order->getPayment()->getTransaction()->getAdditionalInformation('avszip') != Y)
  $order->setState('review for fraud');

Where would I do this? I assume I would intercept some default setState line of code in

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Did you know there is a Magento SE site? Currently in beta: – fschmengler Mar 26 '13 at 9:51

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You could create a observer for sales_order_place_after or sales_order_payment_place_end


In your observer.php

//Create a new status in Admin -> System -> Order Statuses
$STATE = 'fraud';

$_order = $event->getOrder();
if($order->getPayment()->getTransaction()->getAdditionalInformation('avszip') != Y){
    $_order->addStatusHistoryComment('Review for fraud', $STATE)
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This is exactly what I needed. Thanks! – mageApprentice Mar 26 '13 at 21:07

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