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PROBLEM: I need a way to automatically convert CSV e-mail attachments into HTML using python, perl, ruby, or something else. I routinely get these and it is too tedious to do these by hand.

QUESTION: Is there a service or trick one can use to forward e-mail so that the attachments show up on a file-server, ready for scripting and conversion out of CSV and into HTML? Has anyone done this using cron, FTP or any other well-known system?

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In PHP I wrote many cronjobs to handle attachments based on this script:

With it I log into the email account, fetch all attachments and do whatever I need to do. And for CSV, you can use many function, such as fgetcsv().

It's not python, perl, nor ruby (it's something else :)), so the answer to your question is: Yes, it's possible.

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PHP is fine, thanks for the idea and information. – dreftymac Oct 13 '09 at 21:11
Great! Glad I could help :) – Seb Oct 13 '09 at 21:43

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