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If I do not add the right custom ticket fields, TracJSGanttChart throws an error instead of rendering the chart.

I tried to solve this by adding userstart and userfinish. But it still crashes with the following error message: complete is not a custom ticket field

So there seem to be more fields necessary. Is there a sample trac.ini somewhere so that I can just copy the missing fields from there?

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Clearly the gantt renderer is asking for start, end and (percent) completed here.

Shouldn't be too hard to add yet another custom field complete and make it fly. You're welcome to file a defect, or better an enhancement ticket for TracJsGanttPlugin for requesting a simple-start receipt, because current configuration hints seem rather complicated indeed.

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Thanks, I expected more fields, so I gave up after adding userstart and userfinish. –  user1625837 Mar 27 '13 at 4:03

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