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Is it possible to run a Java app which doesn't contain MANIFEST.MF file? Of course, there's static main method,just lacks manifest file. And the app is depending on several external .jar files.

If is this possible, how to do that?

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It is possible, you can specify the class to run from the command line:

java -cp yourJar.jar your.main.Class

Same question here:

How to run a class from Jar which is not the Main-Class in its Manifest file

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You can also add the manifest, with the following command:

jar  -uvfe  your.jar foo.bar.Baz
java -jar your.jar        # tries to run main in foo.bar.Baz
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Of course! Just use this:

java -cp MyJar.jar com.example.Main
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Yes , use this

java -cp myJar.jar package.className

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