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I want to be able to open up a file like this:

42.65 42.75

-72.85 -72.75

TW52 42.73 -72.84 2.1

TW98 42.727 -72.81 2.9

TW2a 42.688 -72.82 1.1

CT4b 42.715 -72.78 2.4

CT5c 42.682 -72.779 2.41

I want to do this using a class, but I am not sure how I would approach it... so far I have this

class Homework:

    fname = raw_input("Enter the name of the input file ==> ")
    in_file = open(fname, "r")

    def __init__(self, in_file):
            self.in_file[0] = pID
            self.in_file[1] = latitude
            self.in_file[2] = longitude
            self.in_file[3] = distance

    def displayFile(self):
        print self.in_file[0], self.in_file[1], self.in_file[2], self.in_file[3]

x = Homework()
print x.displayFile()

The first two lines, I want to be able to store them somewhere for later usage, and then the remainder into pID, latitude, longitude, and distance.

I want to be able to store the 0th index: TW52 to an object like pID and store the 1st index: 42.73 to latitude, -72.84 to longitude, and 2.1 to distance. How would I be able to do this? I get the error where it tells me that init takes exactly 2 arguments when only 1 is given! Any help is appreciated!

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Your error says that __init__ takes two arguments, but you only gave it one (self is passed automatically). You never passed anything for the in_file argument:

in_file = open(filename, "r")

x = Homework(in_file)


I suggest you read through a Python tutorial before jumping into classes. You seem to be assigning variables backwards.

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I'm confused at how you said I was assigning variables backwards... I was referencing a guide from and this was like the 'template' that it said to use. When I did x = Homework(), I simply assigned a class object to a variable, but if I assigned a parameter to it like in_file, it would not be defined because it is not inside the Class. Sorry if I'm confusing! – LaffyTaffyKidd Mar 25 '13 at 23:37

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