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I read many threads about getting only the first row of a left join, but, for some reason, this does not work for me.

Here is my structure (simplified of course)


id |  title | content
1  | Feed 1 | ...


artist_id | artist_name
1         | Artist 1
2         | Artist 2


rel_id | artist_id | feed_id
1      |     1     |    1 
2      |     2     |    1 

Now i want to get the articles and join only the first Artist and I thought of something like this:

    FROM feeds 
    LEFT JOIN feeds_artists ON wp_feeds.id = (
        SELECT feeds_artists.feed_id FROM feeds_artists
        WHERE feeds_artists.feed_id = feeds.id 
    LIMIT 1
WHERE feeds.id = '13815'

just to get only the first row of the feeds_artists, but already this does not work.

I can not use TOP because of my database and I can't group the results by feeds_artists.artist_id as i need to sort them by date (I got results by grouping them this way, but the results where not the newest)

Tried something with OUTER APPLY as well - no success as well. To be honest i can not really imagine whats going on in those rows - probably the biggest reason why i cant get this to work.


FROM feeds f
LEFT JOIN artists a ON a.artist_id = (
    SELECT artist_id
    FROM feeds_artists fa 
    WHERE fa.feed_id = f.id
    LIMIT 1
WHERE f.id = '13815'
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If you can assume that artist IDs increment over time, then the MIN(artist_id) will be the earliest.

So try something like this (untested...)

  FROM feeds f
  LEFT JOIN artists a ON a.artist_id = (
      MIN(fa.artist_id) a_id
    FROM feeds_artists fa 
    WHERE fa.feed_id = f.feed_id
  ) a
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Thanks for your fast response. This was not the exact answer, but totally got me on the right way. I always tried to join both on the same level instead of making the one depended from the other. Thank you very much for leading me on the right track. Edited the first post –  KddC Mar 25 '13 at 23:39

Version without subselect:

   SELECT f.title,
          MIN(a.artist_name) artist_name
     FROM feeds f
LEFT JOIN feeds_artists fa ON fa.feed_id = f.id
LEFT JOIN artists a ON fa.artist_id = a.artist_id
 GROUP BY f.id
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