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I have a string like:

$str = "\textaolig 3 \texthtbardotlessjvar  \textrthooklong
    B \textbenttailyogh ; \textinvomega q \textscaolig
    . \textbktailgamma p \textinvsca r \textscdelta
    D \textctinvglotstop ! \textinvscripta s \textscf
    2 \textctjvar I \textlfishhookrlig t \textsck";

And I wanna get all the TeX commands (\textaolig etc.) with a regular expression. I tried:


But with no luck. Can someone help me out?

Kind regards,

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First of all, you have to enclose your string with single quotes because when using double quotes if you use a backslash it will try to escape a character, which isn't your case.

Secondly, you have to use \\\\ to match a backslash.

I don't know about TeX commands, but I've tried to match [\w\s\.;]+ so correct it if needed:

$str = '\textaolig 3 \texthtbardotlessjvar \textrthooklong
    B \textbenttailyogh ; \textinvomega q \textscaolig
    . \textbktailgamma p \textinvsca r \textscdelta
    D \textctinvglotstop ! \textinvscripta s \textscf
    2 \textctjvar I \textlfishhookrlig t \textsck';
    preg_match_all('/\\\\(?P<tex>\w+)/s', $str, $m);

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The TeX commands are the commands like \textaolig. With your help, i finally got it right. preg_match_all('/\\\([\w]+)/s', $str, $m); did the job. Thank you very much. – Attaque Mar 26 '13 at 1:29
@Attaque you're welcome :) – HamZa Mar 26 '13 at 7:48

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