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Has anyone seen a vim indent file for treetop, the Ruby parser/generator? I've found a vim syntax highlighting file, but haven't seen one for indentation.

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It seems like it's fairly easy - I just create a file


and make its sole contents

runtime! indent/ruby.vim

and it seems to then support all I need. I think it just wasn't loading Ruby's indentation file!

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Treetop files aren't Ruby though. They bear a strong resemblance, but that's all. Are you sure that using Ruby's indent file won't cause any problems? – Bob Aman Oct 25 '09 at 18:22
it seems to work pretty well so far. parts like do / end seem to be picked up correctly. – Peter Oct 27 '09 at 0:43

I searched for this a while ago for Vim or Emacs and couldn't find anything so I started writing my own mode for Emacs. It never got to anything since I pretty much stopped using TT but if my memory doesn't fail you only have to parse something like:

grammar Name
  includes # something like "include Something"

  rule rule_name
    tokens_or_rules {
      inner_method {

Which might not be too hard after reading this.

PS: Keep in mind that this grammar is really similar to the one used by RSpec which is natural Ruby so maybe you could get some help by reading that.

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I'm not sure if there's a straight ruby implementation, but the vim rails plugin handles indentation quite well.

You could always just edit this so that it supports ruby files that aren't within a rails project. Check it out.

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