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In my rails application I need to send an SMS verification to a mobile number for verification of owner?

For this I use clickatell gem

help me with writing code, because i made code, and he is not work properly (then will come to me soon financial collapse if someone not help me :-) [sms is non free])

as example, I used this post Rails 3 and Twilio to do phone verification

api for clickatell

api = Clickatell::API.authenticate('id_click..', 'username_clickatell', 'password_clickatell')
api.send_message("destinationnumber",  "Your verification code #{verification_code}")
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Hi Andrey. Can you provide us with some more information on the error your are getting? Also, try turning on debugging with ` Clickatell::API.debug_mode = true` and try entering those URLs into your web browser manually to see if it works there. –  Tom Apr 8 '13 at 5:59

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You said the code isn't working properly. What happens, and what do you expect to happen instead?

Let me know and I can try and help you.

Cheers Arno

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Not entirely sure is this will answer your question - however there are a number of script examples which can be used to send SMSes. Clickatell's script examples can be found at: http://www.clickatell.com/apis-scripts/ and the link to the Ruby library can be found at: http://clickatell.rubyforge.org/

Hope this helps or least provides you with some answers :-)

Kind Regards

Danie Krige

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