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This is a step in my assignment and it seems easy, but it seems a little confusing to me. Help would be great considering this thing is due tomorrow. Code format response would be great. Here is the step:

You will need to create two priority arrays of queues: an active array and an expired array. In our case we will simplify and have only priority values of 0 to 4, i.e. the active array and expired array will each be comprised of 5 queues.

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Err.. so what is the actual problem? You have a queue class, so you make an array of them indexed by priority. -1 for 'gimme de codez, urgent' – Martin James Mar 26 '13 at 0:52
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The Java class is PriorityQueue, not a "priority array". I think you misunderstood the assignment.

Let's suppose you have an object with a priority value, and we'll leave out the restriction here. You can put that in on your own.

public class Task {
    private Integer priority;  // Let's not have priorities change by accident.
    private String name;
    private double cost;
    // Constructors, getters, setters elided.

Now, a PriorityQueue needs to be of a Comparable class or be made with a Comparator. Let's use the latter, since I'm assuming that equal priorities are equally weighted, and there's no natural ordering of Task.

public class TaskComparator implements Comparator<Task> {
    public int compare(Task left, Task right) {
        return left.getPriority() - right.getPriority();
        // Only because the numbers are limited. 

You can create a PriorityQueue of Tasks with

PriorityQueue<Task> active = new PriorityQueue<Task>(10, new TaskComparator());

What you do with this is your own lookout.

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Thanks, I really appreciate it. I needed clarification on that because "two priority arrays of queues" is straight from the assignment (Actually copied and pasted straight from the assignment). – Brian H Mar 26 '13 at 2:30
Sometimes, instructors have bad days. You need to understand what a PriorityQueue is used for. IT's a collection that can store objects and provide the highest-priority item currently stored in it. So, you are a Student, and you get lots of Assignments from your instructors. An object representing you would contain a PriorityQueue<Assignment> (named pq, perhaps). And when you want to work on an assignment, you'd find the most important one by calling pq.poll(). There are difficulties; how do you handle ties? Or threading? What about being fair to lesser-priority assignments? – Eric Jablow Mar 26 '13 at 2:48

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