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I have thing working correctly in angular

   Any: <input ng-model="search.$"> 
   Student Name only <input ng-model="search.number">
   student Region only <input ng-model="search.region">

and this

<li ng:repeat="students in student | filter:search"  >

But i want to make those three search box into one search box and select box like this

  Any: <input ng-model="search.$"> 

  <option value="number">Student Number</option>
  <option value="region">Student Region</option>


Also i would like to perform search when user click on search button

How can i do that

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You could set your search value when user hits the button. live sample: http://plnkr.co/edit/jTRmBH.


 Search Value: <input ng-model="filter">*emphasized text*
 Search Key:
 <select ng-model="key">
   <option value="$">Any</option>
   <option value="number">Student Number</option>
   <option value="region">Student Region</option>
 <button ng-click="setfilter()">search</button>


$scope.setfilter = function() {
  $scope.search = {};
  $scope.search[ $scope.key ] = $scope.filter;
  console.log( $scope.search );
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