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I have the following method in my model:

  def self.set_bad_recommedation_size(rating_set)
    bad = Rating.where(rating_set: rating_set).where(label: 'Bad').count
    total = Rating.where(rating_set: rating_set).count
    percentage_bad = (bad.to_f/total.to_f * 100)
    return bad, total, percentage_bad

How do I call the variable bad, total, percentage_bad in my view. What I want:

<%= "#{Model.set_bad_recommedation_size(rating_set).bad}/#{Model.set_bad_recommedation_size(rating_set).total"%>
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You're better off doing:

<% bad, total, percentage_bad = Model.set_bad_recommedation_size(rating_set) %>
<%= "#{bad}/#{total}" %>

That way you're not calling the method multiple times.

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Even though this works, its always a good idea to seperate the model functions and views. Harish has a better better answer I believe. – sameera207 Mar 26 '13 at 2:52

I would add an intermediate helper so that your view reads better

<%= bad_recommendation_ratio(result_set) %>


def bad_recommendation_ratio(result_set)
  bad, total = Model.set_bad_recommedation_size(rating_set)
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