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I am trying to use BreezeJS with the standard Typescript type definition files. Using the test file as a guide, I have the following:

/// <reference path="../typings/breeze/breeze.d.ts" />

import breeze = module(Breeze);

class ExerciseEntityManager {
    manager: breeze.EntityManager;

    constructor() {
        this.manager = new breeze.EntityManager({
            serviceName: 'api/ExerciseItems'

    GetAllExercises(success: any, fail?: any) {
        var query = Breeze.EntityQuery.from('ExerciseItems');

        // TODO: Make sure this works if fail is undefined
        return this.manager.executeQuery(query)

This compiles to the following:

var breeze = Breeze;
var ExerciseEntityManager = (function () {
    function ExerciseEntityManager() {
        this.manager = new breeze.EntityManager({
            serviceName: 'api/ExerciseItems'
    ExerciseEntityManager.prototype.GetAllExercises = function (success, fail) {
        var query = Breeze.EntityQuery.from('ExerciseItems');
        return this.manager.executeQuery(query).then(success).fail(fail);
    return ExerciseEntityManager;

When I load this into my page, I get the javascript error: 'Uncaught reference error: Breeze is not defined.' I get a similar error using the breeze-tests.ts file from the breeze repository, so I am obviously doing something wrong.

If I comment out the 'var breeze = Breeze;' line from the compiled file, it works, but this is obviously not an ideal solution.

Can anyone help?

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The Breeze typescript definition files were updated in v 1.2.5 and I don't see the error in that build. Can you try 1.2.5 and repost as to whether that was the issue?

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That was the problem - thanks! –  MickyP Mar 26 '13 at 3:53

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