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I have a custom snippet, snippets.rb in the JavaScript bubble project. And I could see my definition in the snippets view after restarting the Aptana, but double click is the only trigger. How do I enable the keyboard trigger.

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It would help to see your code. If you are looking for a snippet trigger like c)tab, you will need a line like s.trigger = 'c)', if you want a key combination like CTRL+ALT+H, you will need to make a wrapper command for your snippet. Examples can be found throughout the included bundles. Find one that does what you want and see how it is coded. – Sarah Kemp Mar 26 '13 at 15:50
I have defined the line s.trigger="log" and now I solved the problem in my personal compuator, but this is not useful for the compuator of my company, I guess it's may be the keyboard shortcuts conflix. – Zhang Yang Mar 27 '13 at 6:46

I think I found the reason. I truly definited a line s.trigger="log" in the snippets.rb file, but I forgot to add the difinition console_log: "Console log" in the PROJECT/config/locales/en.yml, this is the way to enable the keyboard shortcut.

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