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On the Android os, there is an easy feature for share with facebook, twitter and others. see this link.

Is there the same type of thing of iOS? Or would we need to add specific buttons like "share on Facebook" "share on twitter" for all types of sharing ?

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Have you tried Google searching? There are both built-in classes and third-party options all over the place. –  Paul Armstrong Mar 26 '13 at 3:01
Stack Overflow is intended as an alternative to finding libraries and blog posts, Paul, since Google provides a lot of content, but no concise answer. –  Tim Sullivan May 20 '13 at 18:53

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The built-in functionality you can take advantage of is called the Social framework.

I did a presentation on this on the NSChat board a couple weeks ago. You can find the presentation here and my source code here.

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Thank you! It is very helpful. –  Sandeep-Systematix Mar 26 '13 at 6:38

You may use very easy to use iOS control AAShareBubbles to present social buttons like:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Vkontakte (vk.com), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, E-mail

enter image description here

Follow the link to github: https://github.com/mixdesign/AAShareBubbles

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Try to use ShareKit, it's simple. http://getsharekit.com

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AddThis will be the good option for you.

It support multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

You can see the more details here

enter image description here

Please find more features below,

Auto-optimized sharing tools for mobile browser

Sharing plugin automatically detects device-type

Renders touch-friendly interfaces in mobile browsers

Supports same services, languages, and customization options as web interfaces

Easy to use development tools for mobile apps

Full platform sharing capability (300 services, 70 languages, and more)

iOS and Android SDKs available

Full analytics support

Complete measurement of sharing activity

Correlate mobile sharing, web sharing and social referrals

Understand sharing across services (Likes, Tweets, URL copies, and more)

Track sharing that occurs outside of tools via copied-text and address bar tracking

Optimize across social life-cycle (share, click, follow and engagement)

Safe, secure, and trusted platform

AddThis is trusted by over 14M publishers

Low footprint and caching via major global CDNs

SSL/HTTP support

Privacy safe (NAI, IAB, Evidon)

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