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We have an android platform repo branch worked on by a vendor. Lets say it is vendor-branch. It is based off release 1.0. The vendor-branch changes were never committed to release 1.0.

Now we are working on release 3.0. But I want to start where the vendor left off in vendor-branch and merge with release 3.0 workspace.

How do I do that with android repo tool?

I have done repo init with 3.0 followed by repo sync. I am looking for a way to merge vendor-branch changes onto 3.0 version in my workspace.

What is the right repo command for this?

Is there a web page that explains different sub commands of repo?


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There is a documentation page for repo. I've never used repo myself but it appears to be an abstraction over some git commands written with python. The upload command seems promising.

Failing that you can always use git. You should be able to perform a three way merge of your branch to master and sync that.

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The webpage that explains different repo commands is here. Repo command is just a number of Python scripts over git commands. These scripts you can find in your AOSP folder under the following path: .repo/repo/subcmds

I guess in your case you have to use repo forall with command to merge all git subprojects.

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