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I've been unable to find a good reference on how to use joins to accomplish a certain goal in MySQL.

I have a pages table, a categories table, and a pagecategories table. The rough structure of each:

pages: 'id', 'name', 'content' categories: 'id', 'name' pagecategories: 'pageid', 'categoryid'

I want to be able to use a query to get the category of a page, as well as the pages in a certain category.

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SELECT, a.content, as CategoryName
FROM    pages a
        INNER JOIN pagecategories b
            ON a.ID = b.pageID
        INNER JOIN categories c
            ON b.categoryID = c.ID
-- WHERE a.ID = IDHERE       -- <<== if you want to filter for a specific page

To further gain more knowledge about joins, kindly visit the link below:

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